Date: 08/05/2018

AmChamps Meet Two Successful Companies and Their Leaders

Twenty two mentor pairs of the fifth generation of the AmChamps program visited AmCham patron companies Ball Packaging Europe and Coca-Cola Hellenic and became familiar firsthand with their business and the people who lead them in Serbia.

The day started with a lecture at the Ball Packaging Learning Center, where AmChamps participants were greeted by company executives headed by General Manager Branislav Savić. The AmChamps participants first heard a brief history of the company that manufactures cans and the vision that has remained the same for the past 138 years. Important factors for the company’s operations and success include: employee development, sustainable business, development of new technology, innovation and operational excellence.

Milos Vasic, Operational Excellence Business, stressed that due to the introduction of new production facilities, Ball in Serbia today produces one billion and six hundred thousand cans a day and serves the entire market of Southeast Europe. Savic said that in the beginning the business was challenging, but it's an amazing feeling to be a part of a team that builds together, shares knowledge and experiences. The lecture was followed by a tour of the production facility where students and managers for the first time saw Strawster--a can with a straw--and BRE cover, two new innovative products that are currently exported from Serbia to the whole world.

The AmChampa adventure continuied at Coca-Cola Hellenic, where participants visited the bottling facility and were made familiar with all the steps in production: how juices and Coca-Cola are produced, how and where water and syrups are stored and how the final products are packed and transported. The day ended with a lecture by General Manager Aleksandar Ružević, who described one of the largest non-alcoholic beverages companies in Serbia, its way of doing business and putting great emphasis on environmental protection and corporate social responsibility. He stressed that for success persistent work and effort are necessary as well as a willingness to adapt to new conditions and requirements of the market. Finally, the AmChamps asked many questions related to Coca-Cola Hellenic and also about the challenges the General Manager has encountered in his career.