Date: 01/06/2018

Hemofarm Marks 58 Years of Business Success

The company expanded its business to 13 countries in Central and Southeast Europe and completed the construction of its Packaging Centre in Vršac in which 21.6 million euros were invested..

Since August 2006, when Hemofarm became part of the German Stada Group, around 300 million euros have been invested in modernizing the business, equipment and new facilities, and more new investments are planned. During the previous year, Hemofarm achieved new business successes and became the central pillar of the Stada Group in the markets of Central Europe (Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia), thus expanding the regional responsibility zone to a total of 13 Central and Southeast European countries.

"I am proud that we have maintained our leading position in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, and we are progressing strongly in other markets as well. Being a market leader is the goal of every company, but perhaps the toughest task is to maintain a leadership position. Nevertheless, decades of successful business have taught us how to become and remain the best. We constantly strive for modernization and we are ready to adapt at the same time to the demands of local markets and global business conditions. We try to be new and different and therefore I can say that Hemofarm possesses the wisdom of maturity as well as youthful enthusiasm," said Ronald Seeliger, CEO of Hemofarm Group.

The future plans of Hemofarm will be tied to Strada’s strengthening and further internationalization of its business, leveraging intention to become one of the five largest generic drugs manufacturers in the world.