Date: 05/06/2018

Gender Equality in the Chain of Value

With the conference,‘’Equality in the Chain of Value,“ the realization of a joint project of the Coordination Body for Gender Equality and the Association of Business Women in Serbia was initiated. This project is supported by AmCham and the Foreign Investors Council.

`The involvement of women in the economy and business means better and faster economic development and GDP growth, according to trustworthy institutions such as the World Bank and the EBRD. Connecting big companies with small enterprises owned by women is in the social and economic interest of each country,` said Deputy Prime Minister Zorana Mihajlović.

Mihajlović stressed that the support of the American Chamber of Commerce, the Association of Business Women and the Foreign Investors Council is very important, because changes are possible only with action.

President of AmCham Jelena Pavlović said that the aim of this initiative is to provide support to women in economic terms and to provide them with access to education and information on how to enter the market and be successful. She also announced the assistance of AmCham to woman entrepreneurs of member companies to help them have equal access to education and information so that they can in this way make competitive products in the market.

‘We want to give a measurable and concrete contribution to the empowerment of women. It is important that we have the support of the Deputy Prime Minister's Cabinet because good examples show that in Serbia there is a potential for women to occupy responsible functions and to be successful,’said Pavlović.