Date: 06/07/2018

Delta Holding Presents its Ninth Report on Corporate Social Responsibility

The accuracy of the data contained in the Ninth Annual Report was verified by KPMG audit company

For the results achieved in the field of sustainability and social responsibility in 2017, Delta Holding received five prestigious awards, including the Main Virtus Prize for the company’s contribution to the development of philanthropy at the national level.

“The importance of life-long learning and transferring knowledge to those who need it for career development or starting their own business is promoted on a daily basis. During 2017, we had 40,500 hours of training, and within our Young Leaders project, we hired 58 young people who were given an opportunity to study and work in their own country,” said Marija Desivojević Cvetković, Senior Vice President for Strategy and Development of Delta Holding.

Through many activities in the field of energetic efficiency, in some parts of the system the energy consumption was decreased from 30% to 40% monthly, compared with the previous year. By recycling paper and cardboards, more than 26,000 boles were saved. Since the company was established, gender equality is routine and for additional support for motherhood, flexible working hours for mothers of children of pre-school age were introduced.

Delta Foundation celebrated 10 years of existence by commissioning the sculpture ''From here - To There“, by famous sculptors Richard Dicon and Mrđan Bajić for the City of Belgrade. During the past 10 years, Delta Foundation organized 3,485 humanitarian actions and helped almost 700,000 Serbians, investing 37 million euros in the social community.

After presenting information from the report for 2017, Radojka Nikolić, editor-in-chief of Biznis and Ekonometar magazines led a panel discussing “Innovations for Sustainable Business”. The panelists Zoran Uzelac, Delta Agrar Director of Livestock Breeding, Zoran Đogić, Delta Agrar Fruits Manager, Milan Puzović, Delta Holding Energy Efficiency Manager, Žužana Šandor, Delta Pak Director and Aleksandar Plemić, Young Leader explored the importance of applying innovations that lead to saving resources, energy and environmental protection, as well as the importance of respecting and accepting the ideas of young professionals.