Date: 04/07/2018

HR Forum – Dual Education

The latest HR Forum meeting was dedicated to a dual education programme presented by the Klett Dual company regarding the establishment and working of a dual vocational school in Serbia.

In accordance with German dual education quality standards, Klett Dual School is one of the leading educational enterprises in Europe. Jelena Jakovljević, the director of Klett Dual school, emphasized the importance of dual education as well as the concept of this school. Ivona Simić, HR consultant, pointed out the significance of mentor training in companies as an inevitable condition of dual education.

The concept of dual education presents an accumulation of theory and practice in vocational education for preparing trainees for successful creation of work relations. Theory is being studied in vocational education institutions, usually 2 days per week, from 2 to 3 and a half years. Practice is a way of connecting with theory, which is being conducted in the companies, usually 3 days per work week. Apprentices have a contract, insurance and salary.

In this presentation, the relevant steps for success of this process were explained. The process includes identification of needs of the company and suggested curricula from Klett Dual School and is followed up by concluding a contract between company and school. The company selects the beginners, while Klett Dual School trains mentors in the companies. The next step is conclusion of contracts with the beginners, with the Klett Dual School, and with the company.

The qualification programs offer practice for higher technicians of mechatronics, higher retail technicians, higher hotelier technicians, higher technicians for logistics, higher tourist technicians, sewing technician as well as CNC technicians.