Date: 16/07/2018

Svetoslav Atanasov Appointed General Manager of Coca-Cola HBC Serbia and Montenegro

Atanasov had been the general director at Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria, since 2014

Atanasov started his career with the company in 1999, and soon after he joined the marketing team. Since 2006, he has held several key positions in the sector of sales and marketing, and since 2010, he has been in charge of collaborating with key buyers. Not long after, he became the Bulgarian manager for sales, and after three years he was chosen as general director.

Svetoslav Atanasov will continue to develop business in Serbia, with a special focus on continuously investment in development of employees, further strengthening relationships with buyers and improving the quality of life of the community. ''The chance to be in charge of the most successful team in the Coca-Cola HBC group is an extraordinary honor and I am especially pleased to be joining in the year of celebrating half a century of doing business in Serbia,’’ Atanasov said. “I am sure that we will lay a new foundation for development in the next 50 years in the year of the jubilee. That is one great task for me, but considering the power and dedication of our team, which was developed by Aleksandar Ružević in Serbia and Montenegro, I believe in common successes, as well as in sustainable development of this company.“

After three years as the head of Coca-Cola HBC Serbia, Aleksandar Ružević continues his career with Coca-Cola HBC Russia. As the new general director of the biggest market in Coca-Cola HBC Group which covers more than 140 million inhabitants, Ružević will be in charge of a team of more than 10, 000 employees.

Coca-Cola HBC Serbia employs 1,000 people and supports 10,700 work places all over its supply chain. This means that every work place in the Coca-Cola system is supported by 11 indirect work places in the wider economy. Additional value in Serbia’s economy has reached 225 million euros or 0.7 % of gross domestic production. For every euro of additional value in the Coca-Cola system comes an additional seven euros of additional value in the wider economy.