Date: 29/08/2018

HR Forum - Perspective on Digital Transformation

The latest HR Forum meeting was dedicated to the digitalization and transformation of both the HR sector and the business environment in general.

Moderator of this event was Tatjana Krasulja, Vice President of Human Resources and Organizational Design, who opened the event and welcomed the audience. Dragana Smolović, Head of Human Resources and Organization Department in Banca Intesa explained how the development of technology influenced banking and how their clients are adapting to changes. She highlighted that they have many clients using their mobile app, mostly for electronic bill payment. She also noted that online banking is slowly becoming out-of-date because of the app that brings bankers and clients closer and helps them to get to the essence of problems.

Sanja Koleska, Senior HR Coordinator at Deloitte, based her presentation on her company’s annual study where they did a research of Millennials behavior in a business environment and made a comparison between them and so-called baby-boomers. She highlighted that older generations understood differently the concept of work, and that they had greater fear of losing jobs. The Millennials are seen as a digital generation that rapidly learns and adopts new knowledge. But on the other hand, they always need something more dynamic. That is why they change their profession quickly and focus on something else. They appreciate teamwork, they adapt fast and get used to changes, and they say for themselves that they have good communications and management skills. She also emphasized that the greatest challenge to companies nowadays is how to attract, and then to keep them because for them salary does not come first. The majority say that their priority when looking for a job is the possibility of promotion and professional development.

The third panelist, Danijela Trkulja, spoke about the IT Revolution, its importance and how it has transformed the HR sector. She noticed that it brought many new ideas to the business world, like flexible working hours and not caring for dress codes. Likewise, she said, she is noticing more mixed teams every day and highlighted that they are very important, to achieve diversity and ideas exchange.

Lastly, the speakers discussed many ways on to measure the happiness of employees. The audience participated in this discussion along with the panelists, and the moderator closed the event by inviting them all to an informal wine & cheese cocktail party.