Date: 04/09/2018

Business Breakfast with Minister of Finance Siniša Mali

At a Business Breakfast with Minister of Finance Siniša Mali, AmCham company members discussed growth in the area of public finance, parafiscal tax reforms and increase of tax regulations’ predictability.

Jelena Pavlović, AmCham President, opened the event and said that AmCham company members praised the Ministry of Finance for stabilization of public finances, reduction of public debt and maintenance of budget stability. Additionally, the business environment should be improved by organization of parafiscal charges, public procurements, reducing foreign regulations and systematic reform of Tax Administration.

Minister Mali pointed out that the ministry’s priorities in the upcoming period will be transformation and modernization of Tax Administration, as well as adopting a package of stimulating measures, which will improve further growth of the economy. Since the latest revised data show that the GDP growth in the first six months this year are 4.9%, the minister considers that it is very important to keep financial stability for further growth of the economy.

‘’For the last five years the efforts of AmCham have been focused on the reform of parafiscal charges and on the opening of the public debate for the draft Law on Fees for the use of public goods, that has as a goal catagolization of all fees, abolition of parafiscal charges and precise methodology of determination of the amount and to implement the predictability of economy,“ concluded the president of AmCham.

According to AmCham’s research on the business climate and investor confidence, the key challenges of the member companies are, along with parafiscal charges and systemic reforms of public goods, predictability of change of tax regulations.