Date: 30/08/2018

JTI Initiates a New Production Line

The biggest japanese investor in Serbia, Japan Tobacco International has initiated a new production line at its factory in Senta.

The production plant was opened within the investment cycle of seven million dollars. The investment cycle, along with the investment line, includes modernization of mechanisms in the factory.

President of JTI group Yasutake Tango said that the company continues to expand its business and that way it contributes the development of Serbian economy.

Since the purchase of Senta Tobacco Industry in the year 2006, JTI has invested over 180 million dollars in Serbia. The number of employees has increased, from 84 to 290. Since 2006. Until today the exportation is almost 230 million dollars, while the company share of the Serbian market has tripled in the same period of time. JTI is one of the biggest tax payers in Serbia with 2 billion dollars paid between 2006 and 2018. As the only foreign company that buys domestic tobacco, JTI is the biggest tobacco producer in Serbia. The company hires around 1000 people in Belgrade and Senta, including tobacco growers and their families.