Date: 07/09/2018

US Secretary of Commerce Visits Serbia

Wilbur Ross, United States Secretary of Commerce, met with Serbian Government Officials for the signing of a memorandum of understanding and cooperation between the two Governments.

The Secretary of Commerce pointed out in a meeting with AmCham president Jelena Pavlović that American companies are leaders in creativity, digital technologies, business and in transparency when signing contracts and financing, and that they provide high quality projects and the most advanced services and products. Therefore, he said, the presence of American companies will help Serbia to enter EU.

Secretary Ross thanked everyone in Serbia, including the American ambassador in Belgrade Kyle Scott and his team, for ensuring that the memorandum will become reality and added that the conditions for mutual economic cooperation and growth exist. “We are looking forward to being involved with the Government and American companies while expanding their businesses in Serbia,” said Secretary Ross and he emphasized that he wanted to make sure that those companies are partners in growth and development of Serbia.

“You have a beautiful country, delicious food and a rich history,” he said. ‘The USA is looking forward to a long and successful partnership with you and the people of Serbia,” the Secretary added at the end of the meeting.