Date: 27/09/2018

Round-table on the Amendments on the Law on Enforcement and Security

AmCham members’ representatives had a chance to discuss, during drafting, Amendments on the Law on Enforcement and Security, which is planned to be implemented by the Government, by the end of 2018. Representatives are actively involved in the process of formatting the Amendments on this Law, and the Round-table was a great opportunity to make members familiar with the main intentions of the amendments in an early phase, as well as to influence its content.

The panel discussion was led by the Chairperson of the AmCham Business and Corporate Law Committee, Vladimir Vesović. Panelist were Jelena Deretić, Assistant Minister, Sector for Judiciary, Ministry of Justice, Judge Predrag Trifunović, Supreme Court of Cassation and Professor Nikola Bodiroga, Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade.

Vladimir Vesović pointed out that the meeting was a great opportunity for exchange of opinions and to determine the problems in this law’s implementation, as well as discovering mutually acceptable solutions.

The procedure of public bidding was explained and panelists agreed that public bidding is the weakest link in the procedure, and participants had a chance to hear the drafts of solution. The key novelty of the new law is implementing an electronic platform – eSale, win where the public sale will be held electronically with a significantly increased level of transparency and concurrency of the procedure. The user will register on this platform every public sale and get an individual tag which he will use to the end of the procedure. Through this platform, the user can electronically follow all actions that follow the sale. And this platform allows significant reduction of additional costs.

Participants could also hear useful information about comparing old, new and potential solutions on legal remedies and legal means in executive procedure and give suggestions for their modifications.

After making the final draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Enforcement and Security, in whose creation representatives of AmCham Business and Corporate Law Committee actively take part, a wider circle of AmCham members will have another opportunity to give their suggestions for amendments during the public discussion.

At the end of the panel discussion, the panelists thanked AmCham for their great support and Predrag Trifunović closed the panel with the conclusion that the meeting was very successful as they tried to come up with correct solutions through confronting contradictory but arguable opinions.