Date: 15/10/2018

HResurs – Human Resources Management in the State Administration

The first presentation of the HResurs program was dedicated to Human resources management in the State Administration. The presenter, Ivica Lazović, from the Republic's agency for peaceful settlement of labor disputes stated that the State Administration has been missing this type of collaboration between the public and private sectors.

Determining the differences between public and private sectors, from attendees’ attitudes and experiences was the base of the presentation. The focus was on explaining differences and similarities in efficiency, motivation and values between employees in private companies and the public sector, concluding that these two sectors intertwine, being a "system of fused vessels." Mentors from the private sector were able to get acquainted with specification, legal framework, functions and realization of functions of HR management in the State Administration in Serbia and type, structure and organization of units for HR management in the State Administration.

The second part of the presentation was dedicated to the mentor task – analyzing the need for professional development where every mentor pair has to analyze the training needs of one department from the mentee’s institution. Snežana Abramović, manager of the Group for Determination of Needs for Professional Development, explained to attendees in detail the training cycle and phases of successful accomplishment of the mentor task.

In the final event, which will be held on December 14, 2018, mentor pairs will present reports on identified needs and the most successful mentor pairs can expect rewards.