Date: 29/10/2018

Baby Food Factory Opened in Dobanovci

New, contemporary factory with the most modern facilities expands on 13.605 m2 and represents a “greenfield“ investment of 34 million euros, that makes it one of the biggest investment in Serbia this year and the biggest national investment.

New factory, partner enterprise of the owner of Nelt and businessman Goran Vuković, equipped with technology that guarantees production in accordance with high quality standards and safety of baby food. Daily capacity will imply 50 tons of healthy baby food produced under the brand “Nutrino” that will be on Russian market, along with national and regional.

In the first phase, Baby Food Factory hired over 100 highly qualified experts of different profiles, while, until 2020. that number will reach 300, in zenith of the production.

Contemporary and strictly controlled production process makes Baby Food Factory unique on our market, and the factory is built in the so-called “cleanroom construction”, which is a prerequisite in pharmaceutical industry and operation rooms, where the cleanliness is crucially important.

Baby Food Factory will offer a complete assortment of baby food, made of dry cereal porridge, “ready to drink” cereal porridge, juices and purees in glass, but also in soft packaging.

Distributor and strategic partner of the company Baby Food Factory for the region of Western Balkan is Nelt Co d.o.o. company, while distributor for the Russian market is Farmalakt company. Nutrino products already exist in most retail stores in Serbia, while they will be found soon on the markets of the neighboring countries.