Date: 26/11/2018

Nelt Group Publishes New Sustainability Report

A new report on sustainable business under the title “Healthy Organization” published in November relates to the operations of all companies within the Nelt Group in the West Balkans region during the period 2016/17.

This reporting practice began in 2016 by publishing the “Responsible Distribution” on Nelt business operations in Serbia during 2014/15.

By use of measurable indicators, the significant aspects of Nelt Group business operations and their influence on the market, employees, environment, local environment and local community have been presented in the new report. By reporting in accordance with the most relevant global methodology (Global Reporting Initiative), Nelt presents business results, maintains a positive reputation and positions itself among socially responsible companies.

The publication ensures more details on projects implemented in anti-corruption, risk management, waste management, employee care, occupational health and safety, trainings and other activities of the companies within the Nelt Group.