Date: 18/12/2018

Siemens Will Double Number of Employees in Serbia in the Next Five Years

Company Siemens Belgrade achieved its goals for 2018. year, and by participating in many capital projects for Republic of Serbia positioned itself as a reliable partner in the Serbian economy.

Udo Eichlinger, general director of the company, said that its number of employees in Serbia will be doubled in the following five years thanks to the increased production.

“During this year we carried out a great number of projects in all fields of our businesses, and I am sure that we will keep going in the same direction, to keep encouraging economic growth in Serbia by using innovative technology.

Eichlinger pointed out that the focus of the company is promotion and application of digital solutions.

“Siemens is a pioneer in the field of digitalization in Serbia, and our goal is to present new products and solutions in this field. We are also eager to explain the ways that digitalization influence business improvement and market competition. Our employees actively follow market trends and changes in order to successfully answer all customer needs and offer those solutions that are adjusted to specific needs, with the aim to improve existing processes.”

In Serbia, Siemens has businesses in energetics, petroleum and gas, and have two factories in Subotica and Kragujevac with more than 2.500 employees. In February, 2018, Siemens bought “Milanović Inženjering” company and extended its international network of producers.