Date: 21/12/2018

Airport City Belgrade Hosted a Sales Exhibition with Funds Allocated to the Faculty of Drama Arts (FDA)

The exhibited photos were made as part of the Film Set 2019 project created in partnership with the Faculty of Drama Arts. FDA and ACB are constructional symbols of New Belgrade located nearby each other.

For Airport City Belgrade (ACB) this year marked a collaboration with young creators from the Faculty along with their mentors. The students had an opportunity to make a corporate movie dedicated to ACB. Some of them used this experience to write a master's thesis.

Adir El Al, CEO, AFI Serbia, said on this occasion: “It was a marvellous experience. We hope it was of mutual value. As visitors can see, it was creative at a high, professional level.”

The business park was made accessible, without boundaries, to all the students studying Camera, who invited their colleagues, ex FDA students now celebrated actors.

“This collaboration represents a valuable and creative result for FDA student careers and an important experience. And for us at ACB it was a very interesting project that has given students a chance to try their skills out on a real, corporate project,” emphasized Marina Deleon, a communications consultant at ACB.

Anyone interested in visiting the sales exhibition can call +381 11 2090525 and book a visit.