Date: 12/04/2019

AmChamps 2019 – Corporate Culture and Sustainable Development

The fifth AmChamps gathering took place at Ball Packaging Europe and Coca-Cola Hellenic, where participants encountered these companies’ work and values and took a look at the manufacturing processes in their factories.

Branislav Savić, Marta Arsić, Stephanie Bartfeld and Nikola Cerović talked about Corporate Culture, presenting the history, organization, values and culture of Ball Packaging Europe to AmChamps participants. Ball Packaging Europe is the largest can producer and exporter in our region today, and the company’s vision has not changed for 139 years. Due to long-term devotion and effort, Ball Packaging Europe is the company with the highest net profit in the industry and is also among the top 15 employers. The company’s values are people and culture, innovation and business development, operational excellence, a focus on customers and sustainable development. Branislav Savić emphasized that the team is guided by the motto “High targets, high expectations, excellent  results”, as well as pointing out that it is always necessary to set new goals, as success depends on constant progress. Stephanie Bartfeld then outlined the company’s leadership development model, which consists of 3 pillars – inspire, connect and achieve – and aims to inspire leaders to motivate their employees to work together to achieve their goals. AmChamps participants were then given a plant tour of the Ball Packaging Europe factory, where they saw first-hand the can production process and the system of delivery to principals.

The second part of the day saw AmChamps participants heading to bottling company Coca-Cola Hellenic, where they saw the process of bottling, packing, storing and transporting all Coca-Cola Hellenic products. In his lecture on Sustainable Development, Coca-Cola Hellenic general manager Svetoslav Atanasov presented the company’s beverage portfolio to AmChamps participants and explained the reasoning and goals behind the acquisition of Bambi. He emphasized that the company is dedicated to creating value for all in the value chain. He also stated that one reason for Coca-Cola Hellenic being one of the region’s most successful companies is that it invests in its employees, in quality and innovation and in trusted partners in the local community. Mr. Atanasov ended his lecture by saying that change must be allowed, because every change motivates people to work harder for their own personal development.