Date: 07/05/2019

Public administration reform through synergy between the public and private sectors

Today marked the start of the HResurs 2.0 program, organized by AmCham and the Serbian Government and conducted by the National Academy for Public Administration of Serbia, aimed at improving human resources in the public and private sectors.

HResurs 2.0 is a continuation of the program we ran last year, which 14 mentoring pairs finished successfully. The positive feedback we received last year has motivated us to continue the program. As well as facilitating cooperation between the public and private sectors, the program has provided fantastic results which will impact positively on a changing public administration. If we are to develop an efficient public administration, the most important thing is the power of feedback, as it gives employees an awareness of whether they are doing a good job and what they can improve. Thanks to the expertise of our HR forum, people from the public sector will gain just this kind of benefit from the program, said AmCham executive director Vera Nikolić Dimić, who also expressed her gratitude to the Serbian Government Directory for their sponsorship and to the National Academy for Public Administration of Serbia for paying special attention to the development of managers in handling human resources.

Dražen Maravić, director of the National Academy for Public Administration, pointed out that synergy between the public and private sectors provides notable benefits to both sides, saying that we have started to listen to each other more, and by sharing experiences inspired each other to improve how we work. Co-operation with AmCham brings us fresh new practices from the private sector to help us deal with human relations. This way, we have a successful exchange of ideas and experiences between the private and public sectors, thus enabling the continuation of collaboration over the professional development of recruitment for public administrators. Programs like HResurs help to make our ideas a reality, ideas like the modernization of public administration across the whole country and improving the work of public administrators. We do all this to explain to administrators that the main purpose of administration is to provide a more professional and efficient public service to citizens and the economy.

An advisor to the Serbian Prime Minister, Ivona Simić, stated that advice about how we think someone can improve, delivered by a more experienced colleague and with good intentions is an art form these days. It is also an art to take time to investigate someone’s system and how they work, understand it and apply things that are good and valuable, without intrusion and with a constructive approach, telling them from personal experience where we think there is space for improvement.

HResurs will gather 28 participants from the public and private sectors, who will be divided into mentoring pairs. Through various activities they will have the opportunity over the next two months to improve their knowledge in the field of human resources. The program will involve various activities, workshops and teamwork on a number of projects.