Date: 23/09/2019

Roundtable on Judicial Practice in Bankruptcy Procedure

The roundtable on judicial practice in the area of bankruptcy procedure was organized on September 23 as a continuation of cooperation between AmCham and the Ministry of Justice, encompassing a series of discussions aiming to find applicable answers to contentious legal issues.

The roundtable was attended by Ms Tatjana Matković, a judge of the Supreme Court of Cassation, Ms Jasminka Obućina, the president of the Commercial Court of Appeals and Mr Jovan Jovanović, the president of the Commercial Court in Belgrade. Moderators of the discussion were Mr Vladimir Vesović, a Chairman of AmCham’s Committee for Business and Commercial Law and Ms Nataša Lalović Marić, a member of the Committee.

Throughout the first part of the discussion, the representatives of the judiciary provided answers on how to improve the efficiency of the justice system and the necessary steps that could lead to better uniformity of case law. The need for specialization of judges was also considered from various aspects.

In the second part of the discussion, the representatives of AmCham member companies had an opportunity to ask specific questions related to the area of bankruptcy. The most discussed topics were the concept of the related parties in the bankruptcy proceedings and how to demonstrate their actual connection, as well as the composition of the Board and Assembly of Creditors of the bankruptcy debtor. Legal actions concerning a Pre-pack Reorganization Plan also attracted considerable interest.

Roundtable conclusions will be presented to the Ministry of Justice at the end of the year, as a part of concerted efforts to improve the business environment through an effective judicial system.