Date: 29/10/2019

Roundtable on Judicial Practice in the Real Estate & Cadaster Area

On October 29 2019, representatives of more than 30 AmCham member companies gathered at the Roundtable on Judicial Practice in the Real Estate & Cadaster Area to continue the collaboration between representatives of the Judiciary, the Ministry of Justice and AmCham.

The roundtable was attended by Ms. Radojka Marinković, a judge at the Administrative Court, Ms. Branka Dražić, a judge at the Court of Appeal in Belgrade and Ms. Senka Radević Sarić, a judge at the Second Basic Court in Belgrade. The discussion moderator was Mr. Bojan Kaličanin, the Chair of AmCham’s Real Estate Committee from “Delta Holding”.

The panelists outlined the actions that can be undertaken in order to make the Case Law more uniform and the judicial system more efficient. It was also pointed out that specialization of judges would improve the quality of trials and court judgments.

The issues that attracted the most discussions were the practical reach of the principle of confidence in cadastral records, the moment of alignment of the land to the intended purpose in terms of regulations, and the importance of the consent expressed by spouse when it comes to Real Property transfers. Other topics encompassed consideration of current regulations in real estate area and the need for their further harmonization.

The conclusions of the Round Table will be presented to the public at the end of the year, as proposals of the business community for improving the business environment in Serbia, by increasing the efficiency of the judicial system.