Date: 06/12/2019

New Year's charity exhibition held in Telenor

ManyTelenor employees attended the New Year's charity exhibition of works by residents of the Center for Housing and Day Care for Children and Youth with Disabilities, held at the company’s premises.

The exhibition featured decorative wreaths, mugs, trays, and clay figurines, as well as T-shirts, picture frames, and other items that reflect the New Year's spirit and the upcoming holidays.

Telenor has been organizing humanitarian exhibitions of this kind at the company’s premises for ten years, and a large number of employees are always keen to be there to help those in the greatest need.

What sets this year's exhibition apart is that Telenor's employees have raised 127,500 dinars by purchasing items, more than in any previous year. The funds raised by the exhibition will be used to purchase new materials for the Center's workshops.

The Center’s users created the exhibited works and handicrafts during occupational therapy, which, alongside socialization, is one of the most important parts of their treatment. This therapy is realized through creative workshops in which they paint and make small works of art using recycled materials. They also participate in the selection and purchase of materials, which is an opportunity to go for a walk, adopt social habits and learn about the concept of using money.