Date: 16/01/2020

Ricardo Vian Marques appointed as Galenika A.D.’s new General Manager

Ricardo Vian Marques is the newly appointed GM of pharmaceutical company Galenika A.D., which after privatization in 2017 became part of the NC Group, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Latin America.

Marques previously held the position of Executive Director for Operational Affairs at Galenika, and will succeed Reinhard Andreas Nordmann, who has led Galenika for the last two years.
Nordmann will continue his professional career with other projects in Brazil.

Marques comes from a pharma background, with 15 years’ experience at the NC Group, where he held several positions and was responsible for various areas of the business until he accepted the challenge posed by the newly acquired company in Serbia in 2017.

`The last two years have been very dynamic for Galenika, and positive changes can be seen in all aspects of the business’s organization, team and results. Together we have managed to return to 2nd place in terms of market share and we have introduced considerable innovations. Hard work awaits, but we are ready to continue to increase production and sales in Serbia and the region, as well as other international markets. The substantial investments made so far are just the start of our decisive path forward, and in the next three years Galenika plans to grow sales, further develop the team and continue to introduce considerable innovations to the Serbian market, relying on the strong local team and expertise from both the Serbia-based company and our Brazilian colleagues’, said Marques.