Date: 21/01/2020

Delta Holding employs 46 new Young Leaders

Following several rounds of selections, the best 46 have been selected from almost 3,000 candidates. Today they begin a one-year paid training program in various parts of Delta Holding.

At a formal reception for new participants in the “Young Leaders“ program, certificates were awarded to the 7th generation, which has successfully completed the program. This has increased the number of young, college-educated people who have gone through this program to 220.

“With the Young Leaders project, we are constantly maintaining and strengthening the staff at our company. At Delta Holding, young people have always been given the right opportunity, and as a result we have a large number of colleagues in senior management positions today who have gone through this program,” said Monika Pejcic, HR Director at Delta Holding, adding "We are particularly happy that in this way we keep young, educated and ambitious people working in Serbia, developing their talents here, building their careers and, of course, helping the country in which they were educated."

The Delta Holding project “Young Leaders” is aimed at recruiting young graduates with no previous work experience. It was launched in 2012, and over 20,000 people have applied for it so far. During the one-year program, candidates have an opportunity to work in the different parts of the company, with mentors helping familiarize them with the Delta Holding’s various business activities.