Date: 07/02/2020

AmChamps 2020 - Atlantic Group visit

As part of the initial activities of the AmChamps 007 educational program, participants visited Atlantic Group’s representative office in Belgrade and the Soko Stark factory.

After having coffee, participants approached employer branding executive Tina Milicic, who briefly outlined Atlantic Group’s history and business. During a factory tour, AmChamps participants had an opportunity to learn about the production of popular snacks we all love – smoki flips and chocolate bananas.

Mate Štetić, Chief Executive Officer of the Coffee Strategic Business Area, lectured participants on brand positioning in the market. Any company with a lead position in the production of a product must not lose focus if it wants to maintain its dominant position in the market. Mr Štetić also emphasized that the impact of competition and market demand leads to a process of product portfolio innovation, which is how the new Grand Coffee product # InstaGrand was created.

Director of Human Resources Bojan Klarić held an interactive workshop on mentoring, in which participants became better acquainted with the process itself and learned how to actually find the only possible better future mentors: mentees. "With a clear goal and good will, anything is possible," said Mr Klarić.