Date: 24/02/2020

AmChamps 2020 - Neuromarketing

Dr Nikolaos Dimitriadis, from the University of Sheffield, delivered a lecture on neuromarketing to AmChamps participants.

An already traditional guest on AmChamps activities, Dr Dimitriadis gave a very engaging lecture this year to the participants of the seventh AmChamps. At the beginning of the lecture, the lecturer spoke about the marketing sector as well as the current situation of marketing professionals in companies. Later, the focus was put on the different approaches used by marketers to analyze consumer preferences. Using the information gained through various neurosystem studies, scientists have linked the role of the subconscious, emotions and drivers of inside information to different strategies and approaches in creating marketing campaigns. The cognitive approach of analysis used in focus groups is still in use, although it doesn't provide the most accurate picture, as it is based on asking questions that respondents do not always answer honestly. In contrast to this approach, the behavioral approach is based on observing the behavior of respondents. What Dr Dimitriadis talked about most was the third approach - neuromarketing. Neuromarketing is based on the observation of chemical reactions that occur in the brains of the subjects, and thus their preferences can be better understood.