Date: 01/09/2020

AmCham closes Covid-19 technical assistance project to Serbian Crisis Medical Task Force

Following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, AmCham joined the Serbian Government’s Office of Information Technology and E-Government to develop an online platform for use by the national Crisis Response Committee and medical professionals. The effort was supported by Extreme and included expert advisory assistance from eight AmCham members from the pharmaceutical industry: Galenika, GSK, Hemofarm, Johnson & Johnson, MSD, NovoNordisk, Novartis, and Sanofi.

Over a period of more than four months, users relied on the platform to receive daily news updates from the region and across the globe, the latest peer-reviewed academic papers, and summaries of public health measures introduced worldwide to combat the pandemic. Staff of AmCham member companies made an invaluable contribution to the initiative by volunteering their time for the demanding task of searching for the papers and translating their abstracts.

The online platform recorded almost 11,000 visits for the duration of the project, allowing users to access more than 400 abstracts and providing download links to the originals in English. Over 100 daily briefings with Covid-19 news from Serbia, the region, and across the world were made available, together with some 350 reports on measures put into place by other countries to tackle the pandemic. Apart from the Crisis the Medical Task Force and the Dr Milan Jovanović Batut Public Health Institute, the daily briefings were read by nearly all public health institutes and agencies from all over Serbia, which allowed Serbian practitioners easy access to the latest global knowledge and learn about good public health practices.

‘We are proud of this key knowledge resource we have created that can serve as an incentive for continued consolidation and integration of knowledge and experiences in this area that remains insufficiently understood by modern medicine. We therefore again extend our thanks to all member companies and their staff for the time, energy, expertise, and dedication they invested, as well as to all platform users, whose advice, recommendations, and suggestions were crucial for the successful development and delivery of this project’, said Sandra Marinković, AmCham Untitled Governor.