Date: 27/10/2020

Galenika launches platform to help youth stay healthy

The pharmaceuticals company has officially introduced its platform ‘Healthy in my Twenties’, which aims at raising awareness of healthy lifestyles and promoting mental and physical well-being

The platform is a long-term strategic corporate social responsibility project at the national level. Its primary objective is to provide a credible source of information for young people and university students throughout Serbia about the importance of preventing chronic diseases that will include guidance from reputable medical experts and up-to-date health advice in a format accessible to young people.

‘Prevention is about more than just individual habits. In the long run, it is a chain reaction and an important social issue. With this project, we want to support twentysomethings and show them we care for them and understand the challenges they face, and, most importantly, prepare them for a healthier future. Investing in prevention means investing in the future health of the entire nation. We would like to thank all partners, both our colleagues and organisations that have shown interest in and support for Galenika’s project’, said Ricardo Vian Marques, General Manager of Galenika a.d. Beograd

Galenika has partnered with health experts in various disciplines, to create a comprehensive e-guide on healthy lifestyles entitled ‘How to find balance and stay healthy’. The e-guide includes reliable advice in seven key areas that helps young people improve daily routines and their quality of life: nutrition, physical activity, mental health, contraception, addictions, and hormones and allergies. Each area provides relevant information, recommendations, and advice on how to avoid health issues by building healthy habits, and how to recognise symptoms and when and how to act if they occur, including scheduling regular medical check-ups. The project has received backing from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, University of Belgrade, and two youth associations, the Umbrella Organisation of Young People (KOMS) and FONIS, the information technology students’ union.

This July, Galenika conducted a survey among young people which revealed most were struggling with health issues and unfamiliar with healthy lifestyles. This prompted the company to engage in raising awareness of the importance of prevention, which determined the concept of ‘Healthy in my Twenties’ initiative and the e-guide.