Date: 10/12/2020

Nelt Group remains stable in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic

Miloš Jelić, CEO of Nelt Group, praised all Nelt staff for their dedication in 2020, adding that the group had continued to digitalise to improve performance.

Nelt Group, one of the leader in cutting-edge distribution and logistics services, currently employs 4,000 people across 15 companies in 11 markets throughout South-Eastern Europe and Africa, and has consistently been investing in improvements, new technologies, and employee development for over 25 years. In 2020, Nelt Group achieved its target of earning consolidated revenue of 940 million euros. Its donation of over 350,000 euros to health services in the region, has re-affirmed Nelt’s position as a dependable and stable partner in support ofthe community in which it does business.

Nelt Group’s new Nelt Market mobile app and its pioneering global project in collaboration with Philip Morris International have upheld its reputation as a leader in consumer goods distribution. In addition, Neoplanta recorded its best ever performance in 2020, whereas Baby Food Factorymet its target of achieving a category market share exceeding 20 percent.

Investment of more than 10 million euros is planned for 2021, primarily for expanding the group’s intermodal terminal at Dobanovci, the first such private facility in the country, as well as to enhance the environmental, technological, and transport-related performance of all companies operating as part of Nelt Group.