Date: 10/12/2020

McCann Health Nordic presents Pharma Communication in a COVID-19 World report

McCann HealthNordic, part of I&F Grupa, showcased its WeCANN PointofView report on the significance of communication in healthcare and strengthening public-private collaboration.

Murat Zubčević, Managing Director of McCann Health Nordic, spoke about the key obstacles currently facing the pharmaceutical industry and the challenges it has been confronting during the pandemic.
The report also reveals how the coronavirus outbreak has focused public attention on health workers and institutions, as well as the pharmaceutical industry.

A part of I&F Grupa, McCann Health Nordic brings together marketing professionals focused on health issues who work with both the public sector and pharma, medical, and biotech companies. Key people in the agency’s teams have backgrounds in science and medicine and create global networks of information and knowledge.

Zubčević said:‘Some countries have seen public-private co-operation accelerate tremendously. The private sector is represented by pharmaceutical companies, and the state sector plays a major role in addressing health issues in some countries. Even though our agency works primarily with businesses, we also must know how we can help the public health sector.’

Zubčević concluded by referring to digital communications as the future, with pharmaceutical companies and all health stakeholders becoming aware that digitalisation offered them access to an endless source of information and made it easier to do business.

The latest I&F WeCANN Point of View report, Pharma Communication in a COVID-19 World, is available here.