Date: 15/12/2020

Pepsi to introduce 100% recycled plastic beverage bottles in nine European markets by 2022

This commitment to using post-consumer packaging and eliminating fossil fuel-based plastics follows European Commission campaign to make 10 million tonnes of recycled plastics available for new products in EU markets by 2025.

By 2022, PepsiCo will replace virgin plastics in its packaging in nine European Union markets withrecycled materials, a major step towards a world where plastics will no longer be waste. The company estimates the switch to 100 percent recycled plastics will eliminate over 70,000 tonnes of virgin, fossil fuel-based plastic per year, and will lower carbon emissions per bottle by approximately 40 percent.

Germany, Poland, Romania, Greece, and Spain will switch to 100 percentrPETby 2021, while France, Great Britain, Belgium, and Luxembourg will be at 100 percent rPET in 2022.

‘Working with policymakers and waste management systems, we need to collect more bottles so that plastic needs never become waste. Everyone can and should play a part in developing a circular economy’, said Silviu Popovici, CEO of PepsiCo Europe.

A critical part of increasing the availability of recycled plastics suitable for re-use in food packaging is ensuring that bottles are easily recyclable and recycled. Almost 90 percent of PepsiCo’s packaging portfolio is already recyclable, compostable or biodegradable.

For more information about Pepsi packaging, follow this link.