Date: 26/02/2021

Erste Bank records strong performance despite crisis

In spite of the global health crisis, Erste Bank registered strong performance in 2020, seeing its total deposits increase by more than 38 percent, with loans growing by more than 17 percent, said the bank in a press release.

Its operating revenue was up 8.1 percent at year-end 2020 relative to one year previously, whilst its operating expenditures had increased by 9.2 percent.

Erste Bank’s operating profits rose by 5.4 percent to 2.96 billion dinars, up from 2.81 billion at year-end 2019.

‘We performed well in all our markets in an exceptionally challenging year. Our operating results remained stable and our capitalisation is excellent. We want our shareholders to share in these results, which is why – in line with the ECB recommendation –we will propose a dividend of 50 cents per share for 2020 at the Annual General Meeting and also reserve up to one euro per share for a potential dividend payout at a later date’, said Erste Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Stefan Dörfler.