Date: 04/02/2021

Wiener Städtische Insurance marks 18 years of presence in Serbia

Over the past 18 years, the insurer has grown to comprise more than 40 branches throughout Serbia and employ over 1,300 staff

Throughout the years, Wiener Städtische Insurance (WSI) has provided trustworthy insurance coverage, in particular for large-scale infrastructure projects such as bridges and motorways and the corporate sector, cyber insurance, and coverage for a variety of other major endeavours, supported by the combined strength of expertise of its parent, Vienna Insurance Group (VIG), and the insurer’s local management. Equally important for WSO is extending care to private individuals, as evidenced by its commanding position in the Serbian life insurance market.

‘We are aware of the long road Wiener Städtische Insurance has travelled since its inception. We pride ourselves on our successes and the value of our brand in Serbia, built by the tireless efforts of all our staff. Throughout these years, we have supported our clients through a variety of challenges, and the past 12 months have been especially important in allowing us to prove our socially responsible credentials. We have been experiencing stable growth, and our ambition is to grow at an even faster pace. Our clients are at the centre of our attention, and their needs are our signposts’, said Zoran Blagojević, Chairman of the Executive Board.