Date: 14/06/2021

Mlekara Šabac becomes first Serbian dairy to introduce Data Matrix technology

The cutting-edge product track and trace technology worth 800,000 euros is the most recent of many innovations introduced by Mlekara Šabac as it continues to develop both locally and globally.

Investing in innovation and advanced production technologies is both a short-term priority for Mlekara Šabac and part of its strategic plan for a sustainable future. A leader in the Serbian dairy sector, Mlekara Šabac continuously innovates its production process, remaining a competitive player in a vibrant market.

‘Exporting to 15 markets worldwide, from Russia to Europe and the US, requires being able to respond quickly to any local requirement. We can do so only because we have made serious investments in innovative production technologies, which has made us the first Serbian dairy to export products compliant with Data Matrix technology. As such, we fully adhere to the recently introduced Russian requirements for product to carry a QR code, and this has allowed us to remain in the Russian market where we have been present for over ten years’, said Nenad Ilić, Head of Maintenance, Energy, and Investment at Mlekara Šabac.

Data Matrix technology is a comprehensive track and trace system for every product throughout the supply chain, from production to being placed on store shelves.