We are here to support your business growth and the best way to do it is to provide professional development trainings to excel your key talents in leadership skills.

With the help of our valued members and especially the HR forum that encapsulates the best of the HR community in the country, we offer tailor- made professional development and educational programs throughout the year completely free of charge for our members.

Still not a member but you would like to tap into the vast opportunities that our Excelling Professional Development platform offer? The best way is to join our growing and influential community. As a member, you will  have access to our first-class professional development programs as well as to  other extensive AmCham value-adding platforms to support your business growth.


Workshops, Lectures & Seminars

Aimed at your entire staff and held throughout the year, we offer hand-tailored programs for your key talents aimed at excelling their leadership skills. >>>


A laid-back, informal format that provides out of the box, inspirational stories of successful individuals from all spheres of society. >>>

AmCham Leader in Change HERO Award

Awards that are given each year at the General Assembly seek to recognize and celebrate core values and principles among member companies and their leadership, based on spearheading change and promoting best business practices that contribute to the overall progress of Serbian society. >>>

Petnica Support Program

Our CSR strategic activity aimed at supporting the largest center of informal and extracurricular education in Europe through both providing financial and in-kind support. >>>