Eight Committees drive AmCham’s improving business environment via a two-year agenda, based on the results of the survey conducted among AmCham members, and focus on issues that affect membership, such as combating the grey economy, improving healthcare system, introducing e-government, further improving tax, labor and business regulations, working on much more efficient procedures regarding construction permits and improving market liquidity.

By working on such tasks, our Committees produce position papers, suggest processes, rules, and regulations that pertain to general advocacy focus and work in close cooperation with the Board of Governors and the AmCham Executive Team. They interact with key decision and policy makers and implementing authorities and communicate with the media.

AmCham Committees combine the expertise from the ground and top legal minds from our member community to facilitate progress in the business environment thus enabling growth and progress.

How to get engaged and involved?

The Committees are open to all AmCham member companies. Please contact the Committee leaders or our Executive Team for further information.

If you are not yet an AmCham member: If you are interested in tapping into the benefits the Committees provide, we invite you to join AmCham or qualify as an observing member of a Committee. As a member, you’ll have access to the expertise of the Committee as well as to extensive AmCham`s value-adding platforms.


Business Luncheon & Breakfast

Featuring keynote speakers most often Government officials, our working luncheons and breakfasts provide a high-level platform for influencing and networking and cover key issues facing the Serbian market and our members. >>>

Lap Time Conference

Featuring impressive key note speakers from the Government to whom the results of the annual AmCham survey are presented laying out the key concerns of members regarding improving the business environment. >>>

Briefings, Roundtables and Seminars

The perfect format for getting key and timely business information on newly adopted regulations and their implementation in every day business. >>>