WHY Women in Tech?

Women in Tech Mentoring Program is a high-class interpersonal skills development & networking platform that connects successful women from business and startup community, willing to shatter glass ceilings all over the tech & digital industry. Through mentorship, personal and career development workshops, inspirational speakers and networking opportunities, the program is designed to empower women to learn, act and connect:

  • Learn how to explore opportunities for growth and development, build confidence and boost leadership capabilities
  • Act as industry leaders and responsible role models through education and mentorship guidance
  • Connect with each other, as well as with other inspiring professionals, thus build a vibrant community in which women can feel encouraged and inspired to accelerate their careers.


Program is intended for a selected group of up to 24 exceptional women leaders that work either in ICT industry or on tech-related and digital positions – up to 12 women coming from AmCham member companies, taking up the role of mentors and up to 12 coming from the startup community, participating as mentees.

Eligible mentor candidates are experienced women leaders working in the ICT industry or tech-related and digital positions in any AmCham member company, aiming to advance their career, looking for new inspiration, ideas and connections hence wanting to share their knowledge and experience with others.

Eligible mentee candidates are women working in tech-related startup company or developing own startup that will have digital component, seeking mentor guidance and aspiring to develop a new set of soft skills necessary for acceleration of their business.


If you see yourself in one of the above descriptions - we are looking forward to reading your application!

To apply to become a Women in Tech mentor - if your company is an AmCham member, please consult your HR and GM about the application process.

To apply to become a Women in Tech mentee - send us your CV and motivational letter or video to info@amcham.rs by December 27, 2017 COB. Candidates engaged within Startit, ICT Hub and Impact Hub will have a slight advantage.

For additional information, you can contact Milica Samardžić (samardzic@amcham.rs) and/or Ana Milić (milic@amcham.rs).


Special speed dating kick-off event will match women in up to 12 mentor-mentee pairs. Throughout the program they will be developing their mentoring relationship and in parallel taking part in a variety of events. Mentors agree to a 3-month commitment where they will meet with their mentees for at least 3 hours every month, on a mutually agreeable schedule. After the initial 3 months, mentor and mentee can choose to continue their relationship on their own.

Through a mix of activities, this program balances professional development and networking opportunities, hence creates a unique place for growth, skills building, collaboration and best practices sharing. Some of the key activities encompass:

  • Developing and investing in a mentor-mentee relationship

- At least 3 hours of mentoring per month during 3-month period (February to April)

  • Attending workshops on interpersonal skills development

- 3 tailor made workshops (February, March, April) on mentoring & social skills, how to sell your business idea, problem solving and decision making, prepared by experienced trainers

  • Sharing experiences with young girls interested in technology and digital industry, including wrap up discussion on women in tech

- 1 conference (April) gathering current and next generation of Girls in Tech: sharing experience and opportunity for Women in Tech participants to interact with young elementary and high school girls on an individual basis, hence participate in the final event for men and women from AmCham membership & startup community.

To download the full Women in Tech program, please follow this link.


Program is developed and organized in cooperation with the Commercial Section of the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade and supported by ICT Hub, Impact Hub & Startit.