During the course of regular part of the program, participants will climb the ranking scale by geting credit for their knowledge, out-of-the-box approach, critical thinking, oral and written skills, inovation and dedication. During this process, their points will be calculated based on the following criteria:

  • Attendance at lectures & workshops (up to 48 points);
  • Team building activities (up to 10 points).
  • AmCham project (up to 10 points);
  • Completed assignments (up to 15 points);
  • Written articles (up to 9 points);
  • Promotion of Millennium Development Goals (up to 8 points)


One of the best ways to gain points during the competition is by being actively present on lectures, workshops and extracurricular activities. Aside from the opportunity to interact and share ideas with top level professionals and their peers, at these events each AmChamps team can collect up to 48 points - 3 point per one activity.

By attending two team building activities (at Delhaize Distribution Center and MK Resort @ Kopaonik) participants can collect a total of 10 points (5 points for each team building).


AmCham is a place where new solutions are constantly developed and constructive conversations are kick-started. That is why we greatly value the voice of the next generation of young leaders.

All 23 AmChamps teams will be invited to present projects regarding the design of a new AmCham format or activity or development of an existing one. After first team building activity, they will be divided in 6 separate teams that will work on developing activities within AmCham`s three pillars (2 projects per each pillar). AmCham Executive Team will award each of these projects with up to 10 points, while the best 3 projects will be given an opportunity to present their ideas to the AmCham Board of Governors.


Each lecture and workshop is accompanied with a specific assignment that AmChamps teams will be asked to work on during the event. Assignemnets are assessed with up to 3 points each, by lecturers and trainers provided with clear guidelines and assessment criteria.


AmChamps pairs can collect points by volunteering to write short news articles on up to three topics from the program curriculum (people management, leadership, marketing). Articles are written by students, under the supervision of their AmChamps mentors, and are examined by program lecturers. By submitting each article they can collect up to 3 points.


Following the lecture on the Millennium Development Goals, AmChamps students, divided into groups, will be given the task to organize a lecture on this subject at their faculties. During the process, they will get help from their mentors and colleagues from the UN Global Compact. By participating in these activities, they will provide their teams with up to 8 points.