Regular part

Regular part (January to July) will provide opportunity for all participants to hear lectures on key business topics and participate in discussions on key business topics (held by top/experienced managers from AmCham membership), to attend workshops that would improve their soft skills (held by professional trainers and coaches), to hear motivational & inspiring story of one successful person, to have insight into the media world (by visiting at least one media house), to network at AmCham official events (cocktails, SMARTs), to meet the business first hand (by visiting AmCham member company) to experience other extracurricular activities (team buildings outside Belgrade) and to learn more about the U.S. best business practices.


After regular part (July to September), semifinalists (10 pairs that collected the highest number of points) shall work on concrete assignment – case study, which will be presented before the Evaluation Commission. In addition, students will get practice in AmCham member companies, while managers will have opportunity to attend career development sessions with special consultant.


Top 3 pairs (September to January) will develop special projects provided by the CEOs/GMs of the companies which have delegated managers, under mentoring of AmCham Board members. The pair that prepared the best project proposal will be pronounced as winner.


-For 10 managers (semifinalists)

Career Development Sessions

-For 10 students (semifinalists)

Internship in AmCham member companies

-For 3 mangers (finalists)

– Scholarships for Sheffield University Programs: MBA full scholarship for best manager & MBA half-fee scholarship for the other two finalists

-For 3 students (finalists)

Scholarships for Sheffield University Programs: Master studies full scholarship for best student & Master studies half-fee scholarship for the other two finalists


To see AmChamps Class 2017 schedule, please follow this link.