During the course of regular part of the program, participants will climb the ranking scale by geting credit for their knowledge, out-of-the-box approach, critical thinking, oral and written skills, inovation and dedication. During this process, their points will be calculated based on the following criteria:

  • Attendance (up to 30 points);
  • Completed assignments (up to 50 points);
  • Organization of lectures at the faculties (up to 10 points);
  • Video on mentoring relationship (up to 10 points).


One of the best ways to gain points during the competition is by being actively present on lectures, workshops and extracurricular activities. Aside from the opportunity to interact and share ideas with top level professionals and their peers, at these events each AmChamps team can collect up to 30 points.

Team Building @ Parobrod
- 4 points
Meet the AmCham President - 2 points
Evening for motivation and networking @ Crowne Plaza - 2 points
Visit to Coca-Cola Hellenic - 2 points
Visit to Nelt - 4 points
Team Building @ Kopaonik - 4 points
Lectures and workshops in February, March and April - 12 in total.


Lectures and workshops are accompanied with specific assignments that AmChamps teams will be asked to work on during or after the event. Assignments are assessed with up to 5 points each, by lecturers and trainers or other AmChamps participants, based on clear guidelines and assessment criteria.

Storytelling and Personal Branding Workshops - performed during the event, assessed by lecturers and trainers with up to 10 points (5 points each);

Neuromarketing, People and Technology, Management of Target Audiences, Team Synergy Lectures - performed after the event, assessed by other AmChamps participants with up to 40 points (5 points each).


At the beginning of the program, AmChamps teams will be divided into 5 groups and given the task to organize a lecture/roundtable/panel discussion on one of the following faculties, on the following topics:

Faculty of Philology - Career Development in Corporations
Faculty of Law - Corporate Social Responsibility
Faculty of Economics - Enterprises and Startups
Faculty of Technology -
Bridging Academy and Business Sector
Faculty of Organizational Sciences - Digitizing Business

By participating in these activities, AmChamps participants will provide their teams with up to 10 points (all teams within one group receive the same number of points).


Mentorship is in the very core of our AmChamps program. That is why at the end of the regular part of the program, teams will be given the task to prepare a video clip in which they will present their mentoring relationship. The video will be evaluated by the trainer with up to 10 points.