AmCham`s Suggestions

The spread of the Coronavirus is a drag on global growth, which includes Serbia. While the financial damage of the COVID-19 epidemic has so far largely been confined to China, organizations around the world are directly and indirectly affected by what is fast becoming a global crisis.

Travel disruptions and reduced staff productivity present the most significant challenges for businesses, which face increased costs of operations and significantly reduced revenues. These are accompanied by supply chain disruptions, both locally and internationally.

AmCham Serbia is closely following the impact of the new circumstances on the business of our members and have registered first dips in revenues, especially in the hospitality industry. As governments may have considerable role in unpredictable and crisis situations, while many of them have published sets of measures in the area of fiscal, monetary, sectoral policies aimed at minimizing negative impact on the economy, we have decided to launch a flash survey, which could provide info on the key expected obstacles to business, and thus assist in defining future measures of the Government in a more structured way.

Government`s Answer