Ivan Krpić, Country Director, Johnson & Johnson



We should continue with the program priorities identified by the previous HC committee and even though there have been some positive changes in these 3 identified areas, they are still the biggest burden for HC system in Serbia. We should expand our focus on improving the efficiency of the current regulatory framework, support harmonization with EU standards and create partnership with the state for digital transformation in health care system.


• Acceleration of the access to new drugs and health technologies
-Advocate for sustainable solution for funding of new drugs and health technologies and reduce the gap in access to innovation in comparison with EU countries.
-Improve the efficiency of the current regulatory framework for drugs and medical devices
(registrations, renewals, variation…) and full alignment with EU practice
-Implement fully digital business model across HC sector (electronic submissions, digital communication, telemedicine, patients database and measurement of patients outcomes...)

• Public- private partnership for better availability of HC services
Stronger involvement of private HC providers in different areas of public health services:
- Family doctors (GPs) in private practice with the same responsibilities as GPs in public practice
- Private HC providers as part of implementation of national immunization procedure
- Private HC providers contracted with NHIF for different services/procedures with copayment possibilities

• Optimization of public procedures in health care
- Procurement system in HC should be based on “value” and MEAT (most economically advantageous tender) as default award criteria
- Optimization of stock management in HC institutions
- “Pay for performance” contracts with NHIF