MBA or Sherlock Holmes? The hard truth about the necessary management soft skills needed in the future

Today’s managers need more than just basic skills. They must channel their inner Sherlock Holmes to solve complex problems with creativity, critical thinking and autonomy. But, are these skills really necessary? Can they be learned or are they innate? Are they just the bare minimum a manager needs or a competitive edge?
Presenter, Mr. Thierry Burger-Helmchen, will explore the latest academic research and real-life examples to shed light on the future of management. From navigating uncertainty to developing new products and strategies, you’ll discover how the most skilled managers are setting themselves apart with their problem-solving abilities and creativity.
Join us to learn how you can acquire these critical skills and become a more effective manager.



Apr 06 2023


3:00 pm


AmCham Serbia premises, Smiljanićeva 24

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