Date: 01/04/2015

Emotional Intelligence Leadership

The fear-based leadership concept is redefined as an art which uses people management, enforced emotional intelligence and related competences as crucial motivators for coworkers in enhancing productivity and performance.

A workshop on Emotional Intelligence Leadership was organized for AmChamps Alumni – class of 2014. The discussion opened with figures from psychological studies showing that outperforming leaders were evaluated as such through their competences within the EI scope. The competences that outperformers brought were: influence, team leadership, insight into the organization, self-confidence, desire for success, and leadership. It was concluded that leaders are mainly followed because of their emotions, inspiration, initiative and optimism rather than for subordination or precise task and process management.

Following on, leadership styles were questioned and the visionary, coaching, democratic, affiliate, imperious and pace dictating styles were introduced, and the (dis)advantages and proper use of each reviewed.

Finally, attendees took basic EI tests to evaluate their own EI through self-assessment, self-control, motivation, empathy, and cooperation with others.

The workshop was facilitated by Tamara Tomović of MIND.PROTECT.