Date: 07/04/2015

When Shift Happens: Redesigning Business Design

The AMCHAMPS Class of 2015 met Miša Lukić, President of the Management Board of Leo Burnett in Serbia, and get inspired with an extraordinary lesson on constant transformational changes in business.

In his inspirational intro on reshaping business design models, Lukić underlined that future offers to business give no guarantees, but only opportunities, and that new business design models should be rethought, redefined, and reshaped. Only by adding creative heart to analytical soul, bringing capability to new ways of resolving business problems, transforming the way organizations develop their products, services and processes, and by connecting human desires with technological feasibility, economic viability and sustainability can companies succeed in the ever changing business environment.

The lesson told the story of the business model as a value concept in the center of business design, asking the related questions: how do we build value (feasibility design based on the cognitive aspects of doing business), how do we bring value (desirability design based on the emotional aspects which connect product, promise and customers), how do we retain value (viability design based on physical aspects and the balance of price-profit-performance relations), and how do we sustain value (sustainability design based on the transcendental connections between purpose, participation and vision).