Date: 26/09/2017

Briefing Session on the Packaging and Packaging Waste

On September 14, AmCham initiated a Briefing Session on Packaging and Packaging Waste with representatives of Waste Department at the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ms. Radmila Šerović and Mr. Luka Starčević.

After a vibrant discussion between representatives of Ministry and private sector, AmCham has sent the official letter to the Ministry of Environmental Protection, containing some of the most important conclusions that representatives of Ministry and AmCham agreed upon:
  • One of priority measures for intensifying the collection and recycling of packaging waste, is the improvement of the primary selection of municipal packaging waste. This needs to be done through better implementation of the existing laws by public utility companies and local self-government and improved inspections oversight in this area.
  • The work of national operators must be more closely controlled by the competent inspections. This would entail introducing the authority to inspect the data records that their annual reports contain, as well controlling their financial flows.
  • Landfill fees should be raised through the announced Law on Communal Activities, to prevent the recyclable materials going to the landfills.
  • The system for calculation of municipal waste disposal by public utility companies should be amended in the upcoming Law on Communal Activities, by linking fees with the amount of waste generated.
  • The Ministry is willing to accept AmCham's proposal to abolish the obligation to keep the daily records of waste streams, in the forthcoming amendments to the Law on Waste Management.