Date: 06/11/2017

Meeting with the Minister for Environmental Protection

On November 6, Representatives of the AmCham Environmental Committee and AmCham Office members met the Minister of Environmental Protection, Goran Trivan.

AmCham representatives presented Minister Trivan with the Environmental Committee's agenda, focusing on waste management and wastewater management. They expressed their interest in actively engaging in the process of improving the legal framework. The Minister thanked AmCham for its suggestions and cooperation, pointing out that the voice of the economy and the private sector is necessary in the dialogue on further development of environmental policy. At the same time he introduced the Ministry's plans for the forthcoming period.

The Minister stated that the priority of the Ministry in the coming period will be restructuring the existing organizational structure, capacity building, primarily through the recruitment of new people and the strengthening of inspection supervision. Regarding the opening of Chapter 27, the Minister noted that this process will begin when all relevant regulations and infrastructure are prepared, with the aim of setting good starting positions for the negotiation process.

The participants agreed on the continuation of cooperation at the operational level, which will follow immediately after the appointment of all Assistant Ministers and heads of various sectors.