Date: 17/04/2018

Environmental Committee Agenda Setting Meeting

Environmental Committee adopted 2018-2019 Agenda proposed by the new Chairperson Andrea Radonjić of Coca-Cola Hellenic

Environmental Committee members discussed and adopted the proposed Agenda and agreed on the following :

- Packaging waste management system - Committee will focus on the reinforcement of the existing packaging waste management system through a number of individual activities and media exposure, as well as continue to closely monitor related developments and initiatives within the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

- Extended producer responsibility (EPR) for special waste streams - Introducing the EPR system by 2019 will continue to be one of Committee’s priorities, as well as maintaining constructive dialogue with the relevant Ministry, aimed at regulating this area.

- Draft Law on Fees for the Use of Public Goods
The Draft Law was open for public discussion until March 20, 2018 by the Ministry of Finance. However, the adoption of the Law is still expected. Although the adoption of this law would represent a step of critical importance in improving the business environment in Serbia, its enactment should not increase the burden on business, solidify existing and introduce new parafiscals, as well as withhold the right to appeal on decisions provided in the first instance procedures. It was noted that the business community should get an opportunity to provide comments to the second version of the Draft as well before it is officially adopted by the Government.

- Landfill Fees
Although landfill fees did not find their place in the Draft Law on Fees for the Use of Public Goods, AmCham will continue to explore ways to introduce them, in an efforts to minimize the amount of waste produced and the use of non-landfill waste management options, which might include recycling and recovery. One of the first steps might be to incorporate landfill fees in the new National Strategy for Waste Management, as well as the new National Plan for Waste Management.

- Food Surplus
AmCham will reconstitute the Committee subgroup for food surplus in charge of preparing inputs on best comparative practices, as well as advocate for collaboration between all relevant sectors, Ministries and the Food Bank as fundamental steps for generating a successful solution to this problem.

To read more detailed Environmental Committee Agenda, please follow this link.