Date: 10/04/2018

Health Care Committee Adopted Agenda for 2018 - 2019

Health Care Committee members discussed the proposed agenda of the elected Health Care Committee Chair Sandra Marinković of MSD for 2018-2019 and agreed on priorities

Following priorities are:

  • Accelerated access to new drugs and health technologies
Evidence shows that new health technologies in the long run improve population life expectancy and productivity and reduce overall healthcare costs. Resources should be dedicated for innovation, with the aim of reducing the gap in access to innovation.

  • Public-Private Partnership in providing HC services
With the introduction of DRG (Diagnostic Related Groups) financing for healthcare services, patients should be allowed to choose a healthcare provider from the public or private sector and to contribute to the difference in costs (directly or through private health insurance).

  • Optimization of the Public procurement process in healthcare
Procurement processes in healthcare should be based on “value” and MEAT (Most Economically Advantageous Tender) as the default award criteria, which in addition to optimizing stock management in healthcare institutions should result in decreasing expenses for provided services.

  • Private health care providers
It was noted that the private sector should be more included in providing healthcare services to patients covered by mandatory insurance, with the aim of reducing waiting lists, and that co-payment for health care services should be introduced and implemented. For the success of these initiatives inclusion of health insurance companies in the AmCham membership is crucial.

  • Medical devices sector
The greatest problem is the lack of use of the MEAT criteria in public procurement. Also, once purchased, medical devices` maintenance services are not used regularly, which leads to shortening their life cycle, urgent public procurement, creation of waiting lists, etc.
Calculation of costs on the basis of a product’s life-cycle has to take into account regular maintenance costs as one of the most relevant aspects of the MEAT criteria.

The Health Care Committee`s next steps will be oriented towards organization of coordination meetings with other associations engaged in the health care system, meetings with NHIF, as well as preparation of the study on the budget gap for medicines. The partners in the development of this study would be the Ministry of Health, the Republic Health Insurance Fund and the Ministry of Finance.

Additionally, it was agreed that each industry represented in the Health Care Committee, and especially the medical devices industry and health insurance providers who do not have representation in the leadership, should name one representative who will take the lead and facilitate organization in subgroup specific initiatives and activities.

To read a more detailed Health Care Committee Agenda, please follow this link.