Date: 12/06/2018

AmChamps 2018 Experience Sales and distribution @NELT

Participants of the fifth generation of AmChamps program spent a day with the NELT company and learned the latest trends in the field of sales, distribution and logistics, and corporate values that underpin the company.

NELT was presented by executive director Miloš Jelić and also by representatives of the second generation of owners of the company, Luka Šaponjić and Milica Sočanac. Milos Jelić told the young people that for the achievement of business goals and plans it is necessary to upgrade their knowledge constantly and to learn from others. He stressed that it is necessary to apply the acquired knowledge in the right way in practice, and for this reason NELT opens its doors to students and young people who are eager for success. Luka and Milica presented from their perspective experience of studying abroad and the steps that led them to the decision to return to Serbia and start their careers. Corporate Communications Manager, Marko Milanković explained in more detail NELT's distribution portfolio as well as other activities. The participants were most interested in how NELT developed from a local company to a large system which now operates in seven markets on two continents.

After the lecture, the AmChamps members visited the warehouse and saw live on which principle goods are taken in, labeled and stored, and then further sent to customers.

The last lecture on sales skills was given by Zoran Dimitrijevic, National Traditional Trade Manager, and Nikola Elezović, National Modern Trade Manager, who explained the differences between traditional and modern trade and the reasons why this division is made. Special emphasis was put on the importance of achieving transparent and clear communication in sales, using the PSF (Persuasive Selling Format) model. Nikola Elezović explained that by using this model it’s easier to collect all the necessary product information and customer preferences and thus save time and increase both sales and profit.

Finally, participants in the AmChamps program attended a workshop, where they were able to apply their newly acquired knowledge in tasks which included the sale of certain products with the use of the PSF model.