Date: 30/11/2018

HResurs – AmCham Cooperation with the State

As a part of cooperation with the National Academy for Public Administration the third presentation within the HResurs program, held in Philip Morris premises, was dedicated to innovations in training design and implementation and the term and essence of coaching.

The presentation to the HResurs attendees was held by Sanja Tišma and Slobodanka Cvetković, an HR team from Philip Morris. In her introductory speech, Sanja Tišma stated that coaching is developing employee's potentials with the goal of maximizing their performance. the coach’s task is essentially to motivate employees in order to successfully complete his job by asking the right questions. The coach performs his job in four basic phases. In the first step, he questions and finds the coached employee’s goals, in the second phase, the coach determines where coached employee is at the moment. Further he discovers potential options in terms of what coachee can actually do with the intent of accomplishing his goal.In the final phase the coach develops an action plan of the coachee’s goal realization. The aim of coaching is to create an environment filled with trust where coachees will feel motivated to work to improve his performance.

In the second part of the presentation, attendees learned the differences between implementing training and coaching, with the basic difference in lack in motivation or possibilities for doing business. If there is a lack of motivation, then coaching is the ideal approach that will enable unlocking the coachee’s existing potential, while on the contrary, if there is a lack of possibility and ability to do tasks, then training of employee is adequate.

In the end, attendees met with the "Coachonaut“app created by Philip Morris’s HR team and developed technically by students from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade. This app was designed to encourage competitive spirit and better implementation of coaching material through lectures and practical exercises.